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Target Marketing & Promotions

Stay in Contact with Your Customers AND Market Your Business!

It’s your money. Stop splitting it!

E-mail Marketing Services


Deliver your special offer, discount, coupon, or message directly to your target market! Whether it be shoppers, diners, students, donors, tourists, or even golfers, sign up now for Contact Arkansas, our targeted opt-in

e-mail marketing and promotions service.


Unlike other e-mail marketing companies, you keep 100% of your sales from every promotion!

E-Newsletter Services


Tired of paying for the service while you still do all the work? Don’t do it any more!

Let us do the writing, uploading, and sending for you!

The Perfect Way to Stay in Touch with Customers, Clients, Members, and Donors!

Include News, Updates, Special Offers, and Coupons!

Call 501-358-2434 for Service and Rate Information!

Contact Your Customers Today or Somebody Else Will.

You Can Count on It.


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